Emacs tips

Stuff to remember:

Ok, the keys to the emacs kingdom (FWIW, HTH):
Find a way to do something:
C-h a and type in a search term, eg "kill" (assume familiarity with kill backward frame window terminology). Move the cursor (point) and hit enter on the highlighted bit.
Think of the key-combo you use most that's killing your fingers.
C-h k and type the key combo. Eg C-h k C-x C-f This should popup a window that explains what it's bound to, and a link to the .el file it is defined in. Eg: "It is bound to , C-x C-f. (ido-find-file)"
Rebind it -- decide what to rebind it to first, say C-k. Check what is currently bound to C-k with C-h k (describe key) then type C-k. If you decide to proceed: M-x global-set-key C-k find-file (tab completion is available)
Still, I haven't tried vimpulse, and I feel binding ESC would be cool if we could avoid keeping the modifier key pressed, I'd much rather do C h k f than C-h C-k C-f or M-S-h M-q f etc.
The first things I rebound were C-h d, C-h k and C-h b :-) and I'm well on my way to changing the bindings.

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